“You all made the 'new home' experience enjoyable and painless!"
-- Dwayne & Javona Addis

Those of us at Wampler Builder, Inc. make it our commitment to provide our customers with the best home building experience possible while creating a home for them of the utmost quality within their budget.

Within this page you will read comments from past customers. The comments were given in response to an anonymous market research study conducted by an outside research firm.

We believe the accolades of praise received from our customers speak for themselves.

"I would tell anyone looking to build two things:
(1) Wampler Builder builds only the best, high-quality houses no matter what the price range is. (2) Wampler Builder stands behind everything they do. If anything needs attention, even after closing, all you have to is call ron. It will be taken care of, no questions asked."

Home office by Wampler Builder, Inc. Greenwood, Indiana


"Ron's competitors often tell potential clients that they could get the job done a little cheaper. If they were honest, they would tell the clients that would require cutting a lot of corners."

"The best part of the whole building process was the development of our friendship. Also, the excellent communication that was ongoing throughout the building process."

"The subcontractors are prompt and courteous. They have been with Ron [Wampler] for a while and know the quality expected of them."

"I had always said I would never build a bome because of all the decisions that had to be made. . . Actually, it was a pleasant experience because the book given to me made it easier. Everything was organized and broken down into manageable time tables."

"As a result of your attention to detail we have had virtually no punch list. We have at least one neighbor who has a large punch list. We now understand why every sub and supplier sing your praises at the product you create and the way you conduct your business.
Thanks again for your kindness and consideration. We recommend you to all we come in contact with at work and socially.”

 – Jon & Daris Williams


"We feel that our home is a dream come true. Everything is so clean and so beautiful, and we still love our house to this day."

"Wampler Builder is not perfect by any means but the difference is, if a mistake was made, it was taken care of and not hidden from me. Honesty and integrity, as well as quality, was my best experience."

"From the very first meeting, the environment was so stress-free that I felt rediculous waiting for so long to build. The entire staff felt more like friends than a business relationship."

"Wampler builder works with very good craftsmen who are respectful of homeowners and work very well with schedules."

Fireplace mantle by Wampler Builder, Inc., Greenwood, Indiana

"Wampler Builder builds homes of the highest quality and craftsmanship. They are very hands-on. Their managers, including the company president, will be at your site during the building process nearly every day."