Questions to Ask when Searching for the Right Builder


Q. How many years have you been in the custom home business?

A. I have been in the custom home business for 26 years and have gained abundant knowledge through my experiences. The business has successfully grown on the foundation of strong work ethics.  I believe it has been the quality of time and the attention to detail put forth by everyone at Wampler Builder throughout the years that have truly given us an edge over the competition.

Q. What did you do before building custom homes?

A. I spent 8 years as an HVAC technician, and then it was on to a field superintendent for a contractor for another 6 years before deciding to begin my own business in custom home building.

Q. How can we make sure you are financially secure?

A. We will be happy to provide you with a list of customers and vendors that we have worked with to ensure the quality and integrity of Wampler Builder. We have always taken great pride in paying for materials and labor within thirty days.  This helped to create a great working foundation with our vendors and subcontractors.