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Frequently Asked Questions

The following Questions and Answers will help you decide whether Wampler Builder is the right builder for you. These are the questions you should ask when searching for a builder for your next home.

I have been in the custom home business for 26 years and have gained abundant knowledge through my experiences. The business has successfully grown on the foundation of strong work ethics. I believe it has been the quality of time and the attention to detail put forth by everyone at Wampler Builder throughout the years that have truly given us an edge over the competition.
I spent 8 years as an HVAC technician, and then it was on to a field superintendent for a contractor for another 6 years before deciding to begin my own business in custom home building.
We will be happy to provide you with a list of customers and vendors that we have worked with to ensure the quality and integrity of Wampler Builder. We have always taken great pride in paying for materials and labor within thirty days. This helped to create a great working foundation with our vendors and subcontractors.
I believe there are several things that make Wampler Builder unique. We work closely with our clients developing plans to fit their needs and budgets, and then get firm costs from all vendors and suppliers to ensure there are no hidden costs buried in the beginning, middle, or end of construction. In addition, I oversee the construction project along with Ed, my superintendent. This way there is always someone collaborating with the subcontractors to make certain your home or office is constructed with the highest standards that you have come to expect from Wampler Builder. We have worked with the majority of our suppliers and subcontractors for many years and have established a very good working relationship with all of them. This ensures quality production, trusting relationships, and peace of mind for our clients.
One of the things we take pride in is the fact that our business is a family business. I, as well as our clients, enjoy being a part of a small, tight-knit office. Standards are upheld and the rich tradition is kept alive. You can reference the ‘Employees’ page of this site for further information on the Wampler Builder employees.
A custom home is a home that the client designs from start to finish. It is customized to fulfill the wants and needs of the client. We don’t cut corners that will cost you in the future. Our standards included are what most builders charge as extras. We include realistic allowances for cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc. in our contracts. At Wampler Builder we want you to be excited about moving into your new home, not burdened with the surprise of unexpected costs.
The answer to this is yes. We have the unique capability of developing land and building on it, or building on existing lots and properties. There are several aspects of working with land that must be mastered to ensure a house of utmost quality and durability. We know how to construct a home to ensure there are no drainage problems, flooding, etc.
If you already have your lot in a subdivision or a piece of property you are ready to build on, we can certainly help you design a home to fit perfectly to your needs and budget. Again, there are several factors that need to be discussed, such as grade to ensure water flows away from all sides of the house and subdivision covenants restricting certain placement of the house, septic if needed, utilities to property etc. Keep in mind that because we have built on many types of properties, we have the essential experience needed to build your new home or office.
Here at Wampler Builder, we are all committed to giving our clients nothing short of 100% satisfaction. The clients choose every last detail of their project, including the building location, time frame, floor plans, and architect. There are endless options available to the client during the construction of a custom home. The difference is we present them to our clients, and then deliver.
This is a process that begins the first time a builder visits the lot or property with the client. I listen to my client's ideas and understand exactly what they want. The client may want the house to face a certain direction for sun, view or walkout capabilities without getting into too much expense in creating the building site. Whatever you decide, we do our best to make the possibility a reality.
It is always a good idea to contact a builder when you either own the building site, have preliminary drawings, or both. Normally, customers come to us with a piece of ground in mind and we start drawing plans with them. However, if the opposite occurs, we are more than capable of assisting you in your search for that perfect lot. I would highly recommend looking at what Kensington Grove has to offer simply because it is a premiere community with gorgeous lots, a beautiful round about complete with a magnificent fountain, and a five-acre centralized park.
Often times there is the misconception that custom homes are unaffordable. In reality, the opposite is the truth. Custom homes are exactly what the client makes them. As the customer, you choose every last detail of the home you build. Wampler Builder can build in any price range without compromising the quality of the home. I feel that if I build a home my client can’t afford, I have failed that individual. This is another reason I price everything out up front. I do not want any surprises in the end. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t afford a custom home…you will miss out.
Using the mortgage companies we work closely with, our customers can be pre-approved for a loan within 24 hours. Obviously, the time can vary depending on the size of the loan, but there is really no headache in securing the financing. We recommend financial institutions and mortgage companies that can best take care of you and your needs.
We talk with our customers to assure everything they want is included in the final product. After we collectively draw plans, we run a set of prints for each subcontractor and supplier and send them out to receive quotes. They then return their bids, and we sit down with the customers and show them the exact expenses. There are no hidden costs with us. We are also clear about the contractor’s fee up front instead of surprising our customers in the end with an unexpected cost. You always need to make sure your builder gives you proof of all numbers instead of blindly trusting him or her. This is where an unfortunate number of people are deceived. Don’t go by what a previous client’s house similar to yours cost. Go by what yours costs.
Allowances are actually what we have received by suppliers and manufacturers for the brick, hardwood, tile and/or carpet flooring, cabinets, lights, appliances, concrete, fireplace facing, and landscaping. These numbers are based on the clients’ request prior to the bidding process to ensure costs are included in the contract and not a surprise at the end of the job. I like to make sure my clients are within their desired budgets and always feel in control of their finances. Having accurate and realistic allowances are the key to staying in line with the initial budget.
Change orders are any changes that occur to the house after the client has signed the prints and the contract. It is common to find things as your house is being built that you would like changed or slightly varied. In creating any change, we, as well as the supplier or vendor involved, stay in close contact with you throughout the change to ensure we understand exactly what you want within the dollar amount you would like to spend.
No, the change order cost is solely based on the cost of the change plus the contractor’s fee for tracking costs. We work with the customer and supplier or subcontractor to ensure the details are exactly as the customer wanted.
No one has to spend more money than originally planned if they stay within the original budgets and allowances. If you and your builder properly plan everything out with exact instead of anticipated costs, you do not have to be concerned about cost overruns if you have not made changes from your original contract and specification. We will never make you feel pressured to add or change your new home; that is something our previous clients have always appreciated.
Our office will prepare a booklet for you to use for reference for the selections you will need to make, which includes Vendors, numbers, your allowances and what is included. It is an easy reference for the items you need to select and timelines. Once you have met with the different Vendors, they then will send a copy of the order or pricing if you would like something different; then, our office makes sure you receive a copy for your approval and records.
Our customers truly get what they pay for. We work one-on-one with all of our clients during the selection process and guide them toward vendors and suppliers who provide the highest quality products at the best prices. We are constantly comparing materials and their prices to be certain that what goes into your home is the most updated product with superior quality, pricing, and durability.
Cost- plus and fixed cost are very different types of contracts. Some builders use the cost-plus method, which means the customer assumes all liability of the “Cost of the Work” is included in the Contract amount. This is usually very high risk for the consumer. The consumer now has all liability for all the cost incurred for the job. If there was an error or underbidding occurred, you are now responsible for the overages. We, on the other hand prefer using the fixed cost method. Fixed cost guarantees the cost of the home including all specifications as outlined in contract and as shown on the print of the home. The customers are given honest prices up front and are not penalized with unnecessary costs.
Being a small, caring, family-oriented company, we are very hands-on. We embrace our customers by being completely honest and laying every last detail out on the table. I, along with Ed, am out on the job sites everyday supervising and making sure things run smoothly. Our long time relationships with many of our vendors and subcontractors help to create and great working environment and produce great workmanship on your home. They are aware of the high expectations of quality and craftsmanship placed upon them, and we are aware of their loyalty to us.
I really want to further stress how important it is for there to be several supervisors on the job site and for the builder to have trusting and loyal relationships with the subs they use. I also highly encourage my clients to visit their home as often as possible during the construction stages. It is important to make sure you approve of every detail of the house as it emerges in order for you to be fully satisfied. Lastly, you have to truly be able to trust your builder. If you are ever uneasy or have a concern regarding your home, you need to discuss the situation with your builder to ensure peace of mind.
On top of our subs being the best in the business of craftsmanship and professionalism, your house will have Ed and myself supervising on a daily basis. I guarantee my customers that their homes are all top priorities, and there is nothing to worry about when they are not present.
There are several inspections performed by the county to ensure every home is built up to its standards. Inspections take place in the foundation stage, under slab stage, rough-in stage before drywall is installed, and during the final inspection when a Certificate of Occupancy is obtained. We go above and beyond that here at Wampler Builder though. We have our own standards, which are better than the average. We inspect all insulation, electrical work, pluming, general support issues, and load points in walls to ensure the complete, quality finished product known as your home.
The majority of the homes we build are completed in less time than is stated in the contract. We normally plan on construction lasting eight or nine months, depending on the size and intricacy of the house. This of course will help the customer lock in on the great mortgage rates sooner since we hit our target dates!
We offer a one- year warranty on all of our homes. I feel it is very important to stand behind what I do. I know my name and reputation is on the line with every house I build, so I understand the importance of making every home as strong and durable as it can possibly be.
The punch-out phase is the last phase before closing on your new home. Our customers work closely with Ed and myself the last two weeks prior to closing creating a punch out list. We encourage our customers to walk through the house and if our list doesn’t already include something you have seen, then add it! We then schedule a walk thru after the final completion to ensure complete customer satisfaction. At the closing, all payments are due and I provide a list of all the subs and suppliers used for your home and the warranties they offer on their products. We go back thru your house at the six month and one year marks of your closing date and complete any warranty work you may have for us at that time. This is just one of the small ways we take care of and show our appreciation for our clients.
The best way to find information on your builder’s background and reputation is to talk to as many people as you possibly can. For the builder’s financial stability, talk to your bank about performing credit checks; for customer satisfaction, talk to past clients and hear what they have to say about their builder and their new home; for quality assurance and qualifications, talk to the Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI); for feedback on your builder’s reputation, talk to all of the above. Reputation is everything, and I am proud and honored to have earned the one I have today.