Q. Can you build on all plots of land?

A. The answer to this is yes. We have the unique capability of developing land and building on it, or building on existing lots and properties. There are several aspects of working with land that must be mastered to ensure a house of utmost quality and durability. We know how to construct a home to ensure there are no drainage problems, flooding, etc.

Q. What if we have already purchased a lot or piece of property?

A. If you already have your lot in a subdivision or a piece of property you are ready to build on, we can certainly help you design a home to fit perfectly to your needs and budget. Again, there are several factors that need to be discussed, such as grade to ensure water flows away from all sides of the house and subdivision covenants restricting certain placement of the house, septic if needed, utilities to property etc. Keep in mind that because we have built on many types of properties, we have the essential experience needed to build your new home or office.

Q. Are you willing to build where we want, when we want, how we want, and with our architect?

A. Here at Wampler Builder, we are all committed to giving our clients nothing short of 100% satisfaction. The clients choose every last detail of their project, including the building location, time frame, floor plans, and architect. There are endless options available to the client during the construction of a custom home. The difference is we present them to our clients, and then deliver.